Monday, May 09, 2016

Featured in INSPIRATIONAL Digital Magazine!

I am honored to have been among numerous excellent fiber artists who have been featured on John Hopper's Textile Blog during the past 8 years. John wanted to celebrate those 8 years of textile blogging and link them to his Inspirational digital magazine. In this quote, John writes about this linking:
After some thought, I came up with the idea of using the next issue of Inspirational as a portfolio of all the contemporary artists that I have featured over the eight years of The Textile Blog, featuring work that they are producing now, and getting them to say a little something about where their perspective as an artist is currently. In a way it is perhaps a fitting celebration of what The Textile Blog has become, a vehicle in which to feature and highlight the work of contemporary creativity.

So, I have contacted all of the artists that have been featured on The Textile Blog, from way back in 2009, to a month or so ago in 2016. Bit of a daunting task, contacting and recontacting fifty artists from all corners of the planet, but I have done it and I am heartened by the enthusiasm and generous support from all those corners of the planet, aren't creative individuals the best!

Below is the beginning of my contribution to this effort. It was an honor to be featured several years ago on his blog, and another honor to be included in this follow-up survey of what the featured artists are presently doing and why they are doing it. Four of my current pieces are included along with my written reply to his question, to be found on pages 50-53 of the magazine.

Forty five fiber artists have thus far responded to his request, including: Deb Lacativa, Cathy Kleeman, Carol Taylor, Gerrie Congdon, Ellin Larimer, Wen Redmond, Dominie Nash, Diane Savon, Rayna Gillman, and Karen Stiehl Osborn, to name a few.

I hope you find this magazine insightful and, of course, "inspirational!" You will find it available here.

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