Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art Opening a Success!

Last Saturday's art opening at the State College Framing Company & Gallery was a wonderful event. It was especially nice that I had already sold three of my bird paintings prior to the event - the Male Cardinal, the Downy Woodpecker, and the Red-breasted Grosbeak all have found a new home.

Meanwhile, I had the first three of my Raven series framed in time for the show. I love how the frames work so well with the artwork! Here they are for you to decide if the frames are right for the birds!

All the above are available at the moment. Here is the gallery pricing.

I also brought a newly completed painting - not a portrait, but a Great Blue Heron on a 15"x30" canvas. I strongly debated adding something to ground the heron, but decided to allow it to stand noble and free of any distractions. I may change my mind, of course. I've considered adding a simple pencil drawing of reeds towards his/her feet. I'll think on it awhile longer before I make any changes.

And I'm gearing up for a large series of Raven portraits, like the three above. The canvases are now double-coated in black and ready to go. I've selected 10 photographs from Wendy Davis Photography after she graciously agreed to my using of them for reference material. Wendy has a great Facebook page here, if you are interested in Ravens and other wildlife in British Columbia!

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