Thursday, March 30, 2017

New: PayPal for Purchases Now Available on My Blog!

Raven: Attentive is now SOLD! Tomorrow it will leave via Priority Mail to it's new home.

I applied for a PayPal business account about 7 years ago - then never did anything about it. Until this week...when a reader inquired about purchasing one of my Raven paintings. Since I plan to accept only PayPal for purchases of on-line sales, I suddenly had to update everything both PayPal and this blog.

Mind you, I'm a septuagenarian, so the html language is utterly mystifying to me. I wasn't sure I understood if I was to post the PayPal button in my original blog html settings or where I was to post it. It took me almost 24 hours to figure it out and to actually set up the payment button. But I did it! Thankfully, the gentleman making the purchase was quite patient as I navigated this foreign land. And the really funny part is the fact that the buyer of Raven: Attentive is a computer guru, a software program designer, no less. I had a big laugh over that, when it was discovered!

However, this is the third painting to go out via USPS this week. Two Raven sales and one painting sent to our nephew for allowing me to paint his gyrfalcon! An exciting week!!!

Other than that, I've been stuck at the computer doing office tasks all week. It always seems like such a waste of time, yet it is a necessary "evil" to balancing my intuitive side. There isn't much point in renewing my painting career only to have them languish in boxes in our basement. Better the work be seen, appreciated, and potentially sold to those who are attracted to the work.

I do have gallery representation at the State College Frame Shop and Gallery and at the Bellefonte Art Museum, both in central Pennsylvania. However, this is a small, rural area and so it is to my advantage to have wider exposure and a place on-line to sell my work. Thus the impetus to add the PayPal button to this site. If I don't try something new, nothing new will appear!

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