Sunday, April 02, 2017

A Belted Kingfisher Today

I'm back to working in acrylic paints on stretched canvas. Today, the Belted Kingfisher and the Great Blue Heron occupied my afternoon. Above, the first stages of the Kingfisher, followed by the next few steps in bringing the bird to life.

Adding the eye always makes a large improvement!

Adjusting the shading, coloring, and details...

After providing the bird with a suitable perch, here is the completed painting:
Belted Kingfisher - 8" x 10" - acrylic on canvas - Pat Dolan - $85.00 + postage + handling (PA residents add 6% sales tax)


victoriakaloss said...

Hi, Pat! so, as a water-baby - in LOVE with the Kingfisher and Heron :)

Pat Gangl Dolan said...

Vikki, you're just a bird lover!!! What a great trait to have in a person!!! Thanks for the complement, too!