Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Catching Up

RAVEN with GRAPE - 12x24" acrylic painting (c)Pat Dolan

I finally completed the two larger paintings that I worked on during the ART STUDIO OPEN HOUSE a few weekends ago. The Ravens, when painted on a black canvas, look wonderful, but I find that the contrast of the Raven on a white canvas offers a different kind of emphasis. I like both and will do more of both!

GREAT BLUE HERON in FLIGHT - 12x24" acrylic painting (c)Pat Dolan

My love of Great Blue Heron's began about 40 years ago when we were living on the Susquehanna River in Bradford County, PA - up at the top of the state. That was when I first met them and have admired them ever since. They can appear awkward one moment and ultimately graceful the next. It's all in the timing!

Both of these paintings were done using Wendy Davis' excellent photographs for authentic source material. Wendy is an amazing photographer of wildlife, particularly birds. And she lives in British Columbia, Canada. We "met" on Facebook when I saw her amazing "Your Daily Raven" photographs and then contacted her. She's a wonderful photographer, sells her photographs as well as yearly Raven calendars on line.

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