Friday, July 14, 2017

Back to Watercolors...

I really REALLY want the cat/kitten portraits to turn out well, so I'm starting my wc practice paintings with various other critters. Our granddaughter is an organic farmer in Maine. She is also a great photographer - so most of my farm animal paintings come from photos Alyssa has shared. We visited her farm in June on our way to the Acadia National Park. I've got some photos, but hers are far superior to mine!

Above: one of Lucy's gals
It's only 6" square, painted in watercolor on a hard panel coated with gesso prior to painting. It will need to have several coats of varnish to protect the paint from running!

Lucy - our granddaughter's rooster

Lucy measures 6.5" x 10" and is on Arches 300# watercolor paper

Next up - as yet incomplete - an alpaca and a friend's cat lounging on a chair:

These two are painted in watercolor on gesso coated panels. The alpaca is 4"x6" and the cat is 6"x8."

I use both ProPanel Gesso boards and DaVinci gesso panels. It's like painting on Bristol Board - slippery surface. It can be washed clean and a painting started over - but it must be varnished to protect the integrity of the painting.

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