Monday, July 17, 2017

Keep on Keeping on - Watercolors...

Clyde Kitty - 6"x8" watercolor on clay-board panel

Alyssa's Alpaca - 4"x6" watercolor on clay-board panel

Above, two paintings completed this weekend. They require a few coats of varnish to make sure the watercolor does not "move" on the clay board panel. One can accidentally or deliberately wash away watercolor paintings from these clay board panels. Proper finishing is essential!

I cut a few daisies from the garden this weekend and thought I'd try my hand at painting flowers, for a change.

Daisies - 7"x10" watercolor on watercolor paper

Lastly, here's a painting I started many years ago - painting only the shadows from a magazine photo. The magazine photo is long gone, so I'm improvising as I go. Have no idea how this will develop or whether it will end up in the waste pile. But it is a challenge, so it's time to challenge myself.

Still working on her... we will see where this goes in time...

More are on the drawing boards, awaiting color, water, and brush strokes. And my time, of course!

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Deborah Kanter said...

Your portrait captures the spirit of Clyde The Kitty. Of course it would. I will be so happy to display it in my apartment.