Saturday, July 22, 2017

Preparing to Demonstrate in Acrylic Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'll be painting at the Rhoneymeade Arboretum & Sculpture Gardens between 1:30-3:30pm. This is what my studio looks like as I prepare to do a demo on site away from my own studio!

First up: planning what I'll be painting! I generally work on 3-5 pieces at a time, allowing me to step away from each piece so as to be more objective when I return. Here are the pieces I've prepared today for tomorrow's demo.
Wood Thrush - step one, basic drawing in #3 pencil drawn lightly enough so it won't disturb the painting as it evolves.

Four small pieces to be done on black canvas - three are Ravens and the fourth, a kitten.

Fledgling Sparrow & Flying Raven - drawn on canvas and ready to paint.

Once I have the artwork selected, it's time to select the paint needed to bring the images alive on canvas. Below are all the paints I will NOT be bringing tomorrow!

And the brushes I'm leaving behind...

These are what are essential for my paintings tomorrow!

After giving it some thought, I'd rather not be frozen tomorrow facing all these blank canvas's - terrified to start working on any of them! Therefore, I decided to start working on a few of them, just to get back into the groove of working with acrylic paints after a few weeks of playing with watercolors!

And finally, this is what it looks like when everything is packed up and ready to go. My small easel is in there, along with knee braces in case my knees get too tired standing. I like to paint standing as it allows me the freedom to move around and see the work from different angles. Again, objectivity is essential if one wishes to create a successful piece of art.

Frank has already put the boxes in the car for me. I"m sure I'll have help getting them out. I'm hoping the weather will cooperate so that we won't be too hot, or too damp... who wants to be outside painting or even painting in a barn on a hot, humid day? And who on earth would want to stand around watching someone else painting on a hot humid day!!!

The Weather Channel says we have a 50/50 chance of scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. We'll just make the best of it and I'm sure it will be fun!

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