Monday, August 28, 2017

Fledgling Raven and Sparrow Just Off the Easel

"Fledgling Raven" 2017 acrylic (c)Pat Dolan - just back from the framer 9"x11" with frame
This painting was inspired by a beautiful photograph shared by Wendy Davis of British Columbia, an amazing photographer of birds and wildlife, who has graciously granted me permission to use her photos as my subject matter.

Below are photos of a painting that is completed (or maybe not quite finished???) with the various stages from start to finish. Here is "Fledgling Sparrow" in acrylic on a 12" square canvas.

"Fledgling Sparrow" acrylic 12'x12" (c)Pat Dolan

I'm thinking I need to do a bit more work around the beak and eye, but it's nearly done....I hope!

The photo for this little sparrow is used by permission from the Paint My Photo site, by member ASCHI from Switzerland, a marvelous bird photographer. Here is the photo I worked from in painting this little sparrow.
If anyone is needing reference material that is copyright free, this site is a wonderful resource!

Friday, August 11, 2017

A Few More Paintings on the Easel - a Cat and A Baby Raven

After doing some watercolor cats, I decided to try my hand at doing a cat in acrylics.

Stay tuned - this one's incomplete and still on the easel.

This one, however, is complete and currently at the State College Framing Company & Gallery being framed. Can hardly wait to pick it up and see how it comes together framed!

This barely fledged Raven was painted with permission from a wonderful photograph by photographer Wendy Davis of British Columbia.

When I was demonstrating recently at the Rhoneymead Aboretum and Sculpture Gardens, several Penn State art students were present and they asked some very good questions. One student asked why I have no backgrounds in my bird and animal portraits. I had to admit, I'd never even considered adding backgrounds...but why?

My focus is on capturing the specific individual before me - I want to capture the essence of the bird, it's unique personality, it's particular stance, it's way of interacting with the world around him/her. For me, a background would be distracting from my may goal. There is nothing more I want to add to my portraits that a background could do. Yes, the specific location of the bird in nature could actually enhance the scene, but I prefer simplicity to enhancement - at least for now.

A thoughtful question, indeed! What do you think - after comparing Wendy's photograph to the finished painting? Your comments will be appreciated.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Progress on Paintings Begun at Rhoneymeade Demo

Raven in Flight - Acrylic - 11"x14" - (c)Pat Dolan 2017
From this beginning:

Below: Raven Landing - 12"x9" - acrylic - Pat Dolan

And number three:
Raven on a Post - 9"w x 12"h - acrylic - Pat Dolan