Friday, August 11, 2017

A Few More Paintings on the Easel - a Cat and A Baby Raven

After doing some watercolor cats, I decided to try my hand at doing a cat in acrylics.

Stay tuned - this one's incomplete and still on the easel.

This one, however, is complete and currently at the State College Framing Company & Gallery being framed. Can hardly wait to pick it up and see how it comes together framed!

This barely fledged Raven was painted with permission from a wonderful photograph by photographer Wendy Davis of British Columbia.

When I was demonstrating recently at the Rhoneymead Aboretum and Sculpture Gardens, several Penn State art students were present and they asked some very good questions. One student asked why I have no backgrounds in my bird and animal portraits. I had to admit, I'd never even considered adding backgrounds...but why?

My focus is on capturing the specific individual before me - I want to capture the essence of the bird, it's unique personality, it's particular stance, it's way of interacting with the world around him/her. For me, a background would be distracting from my may goal. There is nothing more I want to add to my portraits that a background could do. Yes, the specific location of the bird in nature could actually enhance the scene, but I prefer simplicity to enhancement - at least for now.

A thoughtful question, indeed! What do you think - after comparing Wendy's photograph to the finished painting? Your comments will be appreciated.

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