Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More Watercolors on the Art Table and Beyond!

"African Girl" - (c)Pat Dolan 2017 - watercolor - 14" x 14" - currently unframed
From a photograph by Stephie Butler, used with permission

Having experienced so much at Stephie Butler's portrait class, I am excited to keep on doing more watercolor portraits, as well as some other things, so that I might develop my techniques with more practice.

"Girl at the Wall" - (c)Pat Dolan 2017 - watercolor - 10" x 12" - currently unframed
From a photograph by Steve Evans Photgraphy, used with permission.

"Laura" - (c)Pat Dolan 2017 - watercolor - 10" x 13" - currently unframed
From a photograph taken by my husband, Frank Dolan - about 30 years ago! She is the daughter of friends of ours.

I now have another nine drawings taped to Contac-Paper-covered Foam Core, ready to go. In betwixt and between regular daily live events, I hope to be painting up a storm of portraits over the next month or so. Framing these pieces is so very expensive, but watercolors MUST be matted, at the very least, and stored in clear plastic envelops to preserve the quality and prevent damage. I'll want to frame a few of these, especially if they are to be exhibited! But that's for a later date!

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