Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June is "Busting out all Over!"

Our great-granddaughters came with their mom and grandmother for a few days! Such fun!!! And now it's already almost the middle of June - and I've done very little painting this month, as of yet - although I have prepared several drawing that are ready to go.

Meanwhile, here is what's happening in our yard and garden. Enjoy!



A Grackle - aka "oil slick bird" as our granddaughter calls them

Two fledgling House (English) Sparrows

A tiny egg found on my concrete porch - we believe it belonged to a House Finch

And a lovely fledgling Bluebird - their mom/dad was teaching them to feed from our worm feeder. After just two days, they were eating without a problem. No parents needed to stuff their mouths!

I bought these Sunflowers as inspirational for my watercolors. Keep watching to see what happens!

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