Sunday, May 20, 2018

More Child Portraits

"Little Lexi with Ponytail" - Pat Dolan - 13" x 10" watercolor

The impish side of Lexi was captured in the painting - she was a delight to paint! But I certainly didn't know if I would capture that cute little one with this particular aspect of her personality. It isn't always on display!

Here are a few photos of this painting in process:

And here's a shot of both twins and their cousin, Ida on my art table. They were great fun to do - now I have new drawings ready to paint this week - only one with children, plus a Sunflower, and two cat portraits.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Paintings of the Twin Great-Grandchildren

This is our eldest great-granddaughter, Tarin, on her 3rd birthday. When I got this far in the painting, I thought it might be done. However, it was painted on a 14" x 10" piece of Arches 300# watercolor paper - so the left half of the sheet is totally blank. I let the painting sit several days, and this is what evolved...

Then, after sitting with the painting a couple of days, I thought an American flag might be a good backdrop for this painting. So I took some acetate and used watercolor to paint a gray set of stars and stripes, just to get a feel of how this might work out.

That sat for a day, and then there was another school shooting, this time in Texas... Suddenly, it was important to me to add the flag symbols to the painting - in the hope of reminding us of our Nation's obligation to our children to keep them fed, educated, and above all, safe. For me, the gray flag symbolizes the lack of determination on the part of our national political representative to accomplish this on behalf of our children. Here is the finished painting:
"Tarin with Stars + Stripes" - Pat Dolan - 14" x 10" watercolor and pencil on Arches 300# paper

Four New Paintings!

These pieces were drawn on 300# Arches watercolor paper back in December. Shoulder surgery was in January, followed by months of physical therapy. I've gradually returned to my studio, and with practice, I see some improvement, thank goodness!
All of these little girls are family members, our twin great-granddaughters and their cousin, Ida.

Here's cousin Ida - a few years ago!
"Ida's Braid" - Pat Dolan - 14"w x 10"h - watercolor

I chose two different photos of Tarin. Here's "Tarin in Pigtails" on her 3rd birthday.
"Tarin in Pigtails" - Pat Dolan - 14" x 10" - watercolor

More tomorrow!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Working on Some New Paintings - of Our Great-Grands!

This is Tarin at the girls 3rd birthday party.

I like this painting just as it is - although there's no background. I'm considering adding the stars and stripes in faded colors in the background... Their birthdays are in July, after all! And it would go well with her dress. The painting is on a half-sheet of 300# Arches Watercolor paper - and there's plenty of room in front of her, if I do decide to add something.

What do you think? Comments please?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

May Flowers!

The gardens are blooming with May flowers!

Above and below: Allium The baby bunnies are eating them down in front!

Columbine above & below

Huechera below - not yet in bloom

And the first Iris of the year - these are double blooming Iris, so they'll bloom again in the summer.

And now to our daughter's yard about 10 miles away...

And her Bleeding Hearts are in full bloom!

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

New Website! Plus Another Mixed Media Cat Portrait

Today's project is Melissa's Cat, a 12"w x 9"h mixed media painting - begun on smooth Fluid Cold Press paper in watercolor and completed in Prismacolor colored pencils.

Meanwhile, I've finally got all the mysterious computer language sorted out so that my web address actually works, and takes you directly to my Fine Arts America webpages. The official web addy is:

The link takes you to where my art is exhibited. I'm not sure why I shouldn't use the pixels address - they're the same place. O well. That's computereze for you. While I've used computers for almost 40 years, I'm not into the languages they use! I suspect I could create a separate page at the site - if I knew how to create a web page. This way, it's all set up by Fine Arts America.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Playing with the Collage App

When we lived in State College, we had a lot of shade gardens, perfect for early spring plants. Here is a combination of some of the lovely Spring flowers we enjoyed for our 6 years there. The current Collage App that I'm using is free from the app store but there is an upgrade available, which I think I'll invest in. Click on an image to see an enlargement of the photos.

Here are some collages that I made a few years ago using Picassa - which is no longer available. I liked being able to change the colors of the borders to match the photographs.

And a winter version!

Back to Spring...

This is Millbrook Marsh in the fog. In this one, and some from above, you can see the difference in the shapes allowed by Picassa that are not easy to find elsewhere. But I'm checking out more software and apps to see if I can go back to creatively collaging my photos.

And this one goes back to our trip to Ireland and Scotland in 2007. All of these photos were taken in Scotland near where some of my ancestors lived.

This one is the Arizona desert in bloom.

Suggestions for alternate Collage apps or photo programs are most welcome!

Monday, May 07, 2018

I Have a New Website!

Available on my new website, (link) my original images printed on canvas, paper, fabric, metal and more! And it allows the buyer to select the size and material of each print, pillow, notebook, or phone case. Remember to click on a photo to see it enlarged.

These are some of the images I captured off the website. They will give you an idea of what is available from me and other artists on the Fine Art America website.

So if anyone has wanted a painting of mine, but wanted a smaller or larger image of that work, here is an opportunity to create something, using my work, but to your specifications. I hope this makes it easier for anyone to purchase something I have created - but just the way they want it for their own home and use.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvements!