Sunday, May 07, 2006

Goldfinch at My Feeder

It was another lovely spring day in New Jersey - sunny and dry, as it has been for months now. We're way behind in our rain totals, but we're all certainly enjoying the fine weather.

Today the Goldfinch were plentiful at the feeder - at one point, I counted 8 males vying for spots on the feeder! One would occassionally dive-bomb a perch to unseat a competitor.

It was great fun to watch them - and a tad tricky to photograph them. They are rather shy, unlike Chickadees, which allow me to be out on the deck and within a few feet of them before they decide to depart...and come back again. So these pictures are all taken from inside looking out the back door. Enjoy!

Here's a photo taken in March of a Goldfinch molting. During the winter months, the males and females look nearly identical - duller in color so as to be less conspicuous during the winter months.

And here's a photo taken today of a female - she much duller than her partner, making it easier for her to go to and from the nest unseen by preditors.

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Gerrie said...

I am so enthralled by your bird photos - always look forward to them!!