Saturday, May 20, 2006

I'm Quilting, too!

The photos below are some of the marbled fabrics I created in a class, detailed below. I quilted these two pieces in the past few days. I'm not sure what is next for them - although fiberart cards comes to mind...

The Pink+Gold marbled piece measures 11"x16". The pink, gold and blue marbled piece measures 10"x19"

Below is my marbled paper project from the same class.

Well over a year ago, I took a wonderful class entitled "Crafts I" from Geraldine Velasquez, PhD at Georgian Court University. She taught a myriad of techniques, including marbling fabrics + paper, weaving, batik, and more. My marbling paper project became the odd little item above and below entitled: "The Dress." The "dress" in real life is a dress my grandmother wore and was photographed in at age 4 in the mid 1880's, and in which most of the females in the family have also been photographed. Below is a view of the inside of the marbled paper house.

Pictured above is Alyssa, granddaughter #2; my grandmother; my mother; myself; Michelle, granddaughter #1.
Here is a photo of "the dress" in a display case that we have hanging on the wall.


mary m. said...

Gorgeous dress and marbling work! Looking forward to seeing you on June 1st!

Dianna in Maui said...

Your marbled fabric is wonderful, Pat! Did you do that in Laura Cater-Woods workshop, too? I was so enamored with the machine gauze that I emailed Laura for her teaching schedule and rates. We're trying to decide who to bring to Hawaii next and she's on the short list.