Sunday, May 07, 2006

Trading Art Cards

While cruising the web, particularly the fiber art web-blogs, I happened upon Beate's site in our Artful Quilters Web Ring. Beate has been doing some wonderful FACs - some of which I was wishing I could buy. Then yesterday Beate had this for her Title: A Decision: exchange or sell... I immediately e-mailed her to tell her I would love to trade art cards with her and that I am interested in the one entitled "Wedding." This card is all silver and white done with a Sonji Hunt influence, which I love! I've bought (Red Cross donations) a few larger art cards from Sonji, whose trademarks are her bundles and her use of color. Beate's card incorporates bundles WITHOUT the much color - and I found it enchanting.

Anyway, I'm trading "Lava Flow" for "Wedding" and I'm one happy little camper today!

LAVA FLOW (C)2005 Pat Dolan - now on its way to Beate in Germany!

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Micki said...

Luck you! I've seen Beate's work and she will be lucky to be getting one of yours.