Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmases Past, continued...

BoPeep mentioned the painting of windows at Christmas time... Yes, we did that all throughout high school - both at home and at school. I only have one photo of myself around the age of 16 and a Christmas window in our home:

After HS came college - in my case, the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN - two blocks from my home! I met my now-husband at the 1st St. Thomas College freshman mixer in September of 1961... Back to Christmases...
1963 Junior CSC winter formal with me in the middle and BoPeep and her now-husband (who we introduced to one another in October of 1961) on the right:

1964 Senior CSC winter formal:

Note: the painting over the mantle changes as time passes... I was an art major!

1964 Christmas - My maternal grandparents, Mary Alice Collopy Buck and her husband Herbert Llewellyn Buck - the one who took all those old photos that are scattered throughout this blog.

1964 Christmas - my three adorable nephews by our village under the tree.

Happy New Year 1965 - Frank surprised me by coming back from Chicago early - in time to celebrate New Year with me.

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Teresa Suek said...

Hey, I graduated from St. Kates! Small world!