Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Continuing Down Memory Lane...

Skipping ahead some 18 or so years, to the next generation of Dolan's celebrating the holidays...
Our first grandchild, Michelle Dolan - 1988
Above: Mike, Peggy and Michelle - Athens, PA - 1988
Below: Michelle, Cousin Kathy, and Santa - Philadelphia - 1988

The Family at Christmas - Athens, PA - 1988
And in 1989 on December 29, our grandson was born!
Marlboro, VT - 1989
Here is Michelle holding J.D. - 1988/1989
And Alyssa arrived in time for our 1991 Christmas - Freehold, NJ
Michelle & J.D. - 1991

Michelle on one of Granny's quilts - 1991
The Family at Christmas in Freehold, NJ - 1991
(I'm behind the camera...)
Below: Chris & Steve - 1991
And yes, he really IS that tall (6'4") and she really IS that short) 5'2"...

As a three-generation household, we always had two separate trees - one was Granny & GramPa's and the other was the younger generation. Here is their tree BEFORE the kids woke up in 1992.
After they woke up, we took this memorable picture of Alyssa having her own little tea party.
Christmas morning for the younger generations in Freehold, NJ - 1993
As is often the case, Daddy brings the kids while Mommy waits with the camera...
Here is the tree prior to the kids arrival!
And here we are on December 29, 1993 celebrating our 28th anniversary at home in Freehold, NJ.
And yes, our grandson was indeed born on our anniversary - our 24th anniversary.
Newfane, VT - 1994 - Mike and his family
The three adorable grandkids - Christmas 1994 - VT
And in 1995, our daughter was married on December 16th in State College, PA. Another December wedding - what could we say since we did it, too?!
This was taken before the wedding.
And after the wedding.
These are all the people on the bride's side of the family that were able to make it through the snow storm to the wedding.
Actually, I think there were many more children present - belonging to the girls on the left!
We had a quiet Christmas and anniversary that year - here we are on December 29, 1995.
Did any of you seamstresses out there notice my jumper matching the granddaughter's outfits in the 1994 picture of the three kidlets?

And so that takes us to 11 years ago... how time flies!
Here are the adults at Christmas in Vermont - 2005

Last year at Christmas, we couldn't capture all three high school kids at the same time... so this was taken at Michelle's HS graduation last spring!
And this year, we'll be with our daughter and her husband in State College, PA. But we were in Vermont for Thanksgiving, butI accidentally "lost" all my digital images of the family - boo hoo! Some of those photos would have been terrific! Even after all these year, I still have to bribe the kids by allowing three or even 4 very silly pictures before I get one or maybe 2 "decent" ones.

We've been very blessed by our wonderful family - yes, there have been tough years of illness, lack of funds, difficult situations, etc. but over-all, we've enjoyed a wonderful life. Life is good - very, very good.

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Alyssa Jean said...

nope! I was born in '91, not '90. But I like the pics. I have some, but I stole others, like my tea party =)