Sunday, September 02, 2018

September 2, 2018 !!!!!

It's been a strange summer for us, between the very hot, very rainy weather and my surgery. However, summer is slipping into the past and I want to share a few photos of what was part of the summer past.

Flowers are a constant favorite, and here a few to enjoy! My neighbor, Ginny, has a green thumb and a few of these are from her garden. One is from my garden and one is a wildflower, Queen Anne's Lace.

How time flies when you're having surgery and recovering from said surgery! I'm happy to report that the double knee replacements went more smoothly than I could have hoped for and the recovery has also gone exceptionally well. Surgery was Friday, July 13, a bit over 7 weeks ago and I'm very happy with the results.

The six weeks of wearing compression stockings 23/7 will never be forgotten...

Something I find interesting and that I never thought about ahead of time is what the knee replacements would do to my walk. From early childhood until July 13, I always walked toeing outwards - which nearly everyone in my birth family and current family also share. With my new knees, my feet now point straight forward! Learning to walk with new knees is one thing - but learning body balance with a changed foot position is quite another thing altogether! Some of the PT exercises are designed specifically to get one used to walking heel-to-toe, be it in a straight line or on a very curvy path. I find myself teetering back and forth, constantly having to pay attention to balancing myself as I do those exercises. When I asked Brian, the physical therapist, how long it would be before I have regained my sense of balance, he indicated it could be another 6-12 months yet! Wow. I was afraid of falling when my knees were swollen with arthritis. Now I'm watchful against falling with quite good new knees...

Aside from recovery (during which I read a ton of happily-ever-after books) and regaining strength, we've been planning our vacation. Obviously, it's not a summer trip, as summer has officially already led us into fall. But an autumn journey to New York state, Vermont, and Maine seems like a dream come true after a long, hot, rainy summer. We'll be stopping to see various family members located in all three states, and spending the majority of our time visiting Acadia National Park. I'll post photos in late October!

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About time you're taking time for yourself. Relax and enjoy.