Monday, February 11, 2019

Out and About in Early February

A recent sunset - one of several that we've had this month.

Spunky looking as though she wonders what I want from her!

This is a horse farm in Oak Hill, PA - not far from our home. I love seeing their horses out when I drive by.

A glorious Sycamore tree in downtown Lemont, PA. There are several around that are still healthy, for which we are grateful!

This is Rockview Farm on Benner Pike, between Bellefonte & State College, PA - on the prison grounds. They raise cattle and have two horses that are occasionally used by the rangers. I don't know if the beef is used at the prison or sold for profit. Interesting question, that.

I was out for a wonderful meeting with girlfriends today at the Waffle Shop. We're all rather unique art quilters past a "certain age" and enjoying life to the fullest of our abilities. There was lots of sharing and laughter plus delicious food, of course. The Winter Storm Warning stayed outside as we had a fun-loving luncheon. Two of us had a Kid Special - one chocolate chip pancake, one egg, one sausage, one strip of bacon. One gal chose a bowl of vegetable soup on this gray day. And the other chose a cup of soup with a tuna melt sandwich. Is your mouth watering yet?

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