Monday, November 18, 2019

As Autumn Departs, Celebrating It's Beauty

Autumn in central Pennsylvania is often colorful and exquisitely beautiful. This year, due to differing weather patterns, it was delayed, subdued, and only briefly very colorful. But I went out to enjoy it while it lasted! Hope you enjoyed it as well.

There's a lovely farm not far from our home where they raise Belgian horses. The farmhouse is a stone building and the barn is dated 1822. It's name: Oak Hall Farm, in the tiny town of Oak Hall.

Also in Oak Hall is a mini park entitled the Oak Hall Parklet. It's a wonderful little resting place between shopping for groceries and running other errands.
And it has a mini book exchange box, too!!!

Taking a small back road entitled Barn Road, I saw a newly mown corn field with a flock of wild turkeys dining on corn kernels.

Hope you enjoyed a brief respite from the days worries by reliving Autumn's Glory!

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