Monday, March 13, 2006

FabriQuilt Process Continues...

After two more days working on this quilt, here's an update:
Steps 9 + 10: Creating the rose-window template first on paper, then in plastic, then using it on the Wonder Under paper backing...

Step 11: Cutting out the rose-window "leading"

Steps 12 + 13: Planning and trimming the photo-images to fit stained glass slots

Step 14: Fusing the trimmed photo-prints to rose-window-leading (paper backing for Wonder Under is beneath my work so that I can fuse successfully, while leaving Wonder Under unfused where I don't yet need it to be fused.

Step 15: adding yellow triangles

Step 16: adding green leaves

Step 17: present status on design wall

Detail of one quadrant of rose-window

The piece is beginning to come together, although there's quite a bit left to do. Next up, selecting the remaining colors for the rose-window insets. Then, completing the corner motifs

and finally adding an outside black border to encase the window. And, of course, once the top is completed, then comes the quilting!

And since Spring is popping up in my life - the peepers awoke early Saturday morning in the swamp behind the house, a SURE sign of Spring; the robins are back in droves, and my little yellow crocus' are blooming once again - so here's a sample of NJ spring:


mary m. said...


Are you going to have to part with this quilt? That would be difficult for me to do.

I have a feeling we're going to be seeing more of this beauty in print and shows.

Where would we be without wonderunder? Oh, by the way, I learned from Trina in our Eclectic Threads group that you can peel the paper off wonder under, put the sticky stuff in a blender (or food processor, I guess) and get something called bone ash (sp), which you can sprinkle on fabric, then foil and get lots of pretty speckles. (I guess if you really can't think of anything else to do)

Gerrie said...

Pat: This is utterly fascinating. Such wonderful detail. I am blown away by what you are doing and I want to try it - not sure I have the patience.

Micki said...

This is looking very interesting. Can't wait to see the completed quilt.