Sunday, October 24, 2010

Round Barn near Boalsburg, PA

This round barn, known as the Neff Round Barn, celebrated its centennial last weekend. I took photos a few days prior knowing that highway 45 would be jam packed on the day of the open house. While I missed seeing the inside of the barn, which looks beautiful according to the Centre Daily Times, I did avoid the crowds, wait and on-highway parking.

Below is the Neff farm house -and it's a beauty!

A closer look at the house.

By the way, if you're interested, there are snowy photos of this landmark on my blog February 22, 2010 (along with a lot of other wintery vistas).

Of course, there were other things to photograph that day, and since...

Another family farm on PA Rte. 45 north of Boalsburg.

And a close-up of the barn.

And, since we have not yet experienced a frost, here are todays nasturtiums.

And just a few more photos to share!

And finally, here's Spunky enjoying the autumn.

"Indian Summer" in Central PA

And now for some Photoshop Elements experiments.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bartlett Pears - in Watercolor

Pear #1 in real life
Pear #2 in real life

Oh, I'm having the best time playing with my old (and new) art supplies. Today it was watercolor that caught my desire. Since we were grocery shopping, it seemed like a good idea to buy some apples and pears to paint from (and eat later). These are the two watercolors created this afternoon from two of the pears. One refused to sand upright - individuality is sometimes a great thing!

I'm using Arches watercolor papers. Pear #1 is done on 300lb rough. Pear #2 is done on 140 cold press. I prefer 300lb rough, it has a slight creamy cast, and it's terribly EXPENSIVE!

My brushes - Grumbacher Golden Edge numbers 6 (small) and 10 (medium).

Here's my watercolor palette - it's so clean! Hasn't been used in quite awhile:

Here are the watercolor tubes, mostly Winsor Newton Artists' Watercolors and Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors with a few Grumbacher Finest Professional Watercolors. I love the Daniel Smith colors - they have lots of Quinacridone and Iridescent colors to choose from. The Quinacridones are quite strong and vibrant, but easily toned down with water.

FYI: new tubes of watercolor cost any where from $5.00 or so to $20.00 and more per 14/15 ml tube. Pastels can cost from $2.00 to nearly $20.00 per 1/2" x 2" stick - so my hobbies are not cheap! Thankfully, I've been collecting watercolors and pastels for over 30 years...along with fabric, threads, yarns, etc. I pity the people who are stuck figuring out what to do with all my supplies once I've moved on to the other side!

Step 1: quick, light pencil drawing making sure the shapes and shadows/lights are accurate.

Step 2: first light wash over much of the pear laying in the base color. Adding water or using a clean, dry brush to lift out various highlights.

Step 3: continue layering in darker colors while keeping the highlights

Step 4: Sharpening up the edges and continuing to deepen shadows and color intensity.

Step 5: adding shadow beneath the pear(s) When all is dry, sign & photograph

Bartlett Pear #1: 7x9" without mat/frame (c)Pat Dolan 2010 $30.00 plus priority postage

Bartlett Pear #2: 7x9" without mat/frame (c)Pat Dolan 2010 $30.00 plus priority postage