Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nasturtium - Adding Angelina Fibers(c)

Above, a selection and sample chart of Angelina Fibers (c) - the hot-fix variety.

I had more grandious plans for this little challenge quilt - perhaps adding a smattering of violet nasturtium images in the border, or a few "normal" nasturtiums, or both - to liven up the quilt. But the lack of time, energy and ability have encouraged me to consider more simplified options! Angelina Fibers popped into my mind and I tried a few different colors to see what might compliment the piece. My Angelina color choices are "Calypso" (the darker blue) and "Opal Sparkle" (the lighter shade of blue) as determined by the challenge color requirements. See earlier postings for more details on the requirements.

It takes very few strands of these fibers to create a thin sheet of sparkling color. Below, the 2 shades of blue are scattered lightly on a sheet of parchment.

A 2nd sheet of parchment is laid over the first (and the fibers) and the sandwich is ironed with a setting on silk. This hot-fixes the separate fibers into a thin sheet.

Below are two different temporary fixatives that one may use to carefully attach the fragile hot-fixed Angelina sheet to the quilt top.

Below is what the Nasturtium quilt presently looks like. The quilting will be done sometime this week and it will secure the Angelina more firmly to the quilt.

The Angelina seems to soften the abrupt square around the curved central theme - which is exactly what I had hoped for.

Below are some options for a possible border for this quilt. None seem particularly wonderful. Perhaps I'll "pillow-top" the quilt and leave it without a border.

Opinions, suggestions, ideas anyone?

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dsigns said...

I love this quiltlet! I'm in the process of learning how to use Elements so I can use some of my photos in my quilts without the background. Your choices for this were excellent and beautiful.